Lox Tox Living


Welcome to Low Tox Living with Asti Mary – I truly hope you feel at home here and find all of the information you need to start implementing low tox practices into your home for your own health and the health of your beautiful family.

This site is growing steadily due to my passion for healthier alternatives and my insatiable need to go against the grain. I believe it is our right as sentient beings on this planet to be able to make choices but we need to be educated in order to make better choices.

Society today is geared toward high-output, super efficient, low cost manufacturing and it seems that as long as these criteria are met, then it doesn’t matter if the product is highly toxic, is known to cause cancer or harms the environment.

It’s an unknown fact that most of the products that we find on our supermarket shelves don’t actually go through any product testing. Or if they do go through testing, it is short term and the long term effects are not known.

We are in effect the guinea pigs for the products on our supermarket shelves and at this point in time, no governing body is standing there saying “no, that product is toxic, you can’t sell that to the people”.

This isn’t good enough!

But there IS something you can do.

You can take your own families health into your own hands.

Take notice of what is hiding inside the products that you’re using in your home. Read the labels and grow your knowledge of what is lurking in your home.

  • What’s in that lotion you’re rubbing on your children’s skin?
  • What is in the dishwashing detergent that you’re washing your families dishes in, the same dishes that you eat off several times a day?
  • Do you know what ingredients, colours, flavours and preservatives are in the supermarket muffins you just bought?

You don’t have to know everything and you never will! Heck, I only know a tiny portion of what’s out there! But I am constantly learning and growing my knowledge base. Part of the reason why I am basing my website around Low Tox Living is so that I can hold myself accountable and push myself to improve my families health, learn more and share more.

Low Tox Living is more than just household cleaning products and cleaning up your diet. There are so many more areas of our lives that we can work on to achieve a more low tox life.

  • Relationships (romantic, friendships, business etc)
  • Mindset & self talk
  • Finances / budgets
  • Health & wellbeing

These are all areas that we can strive to improve that in turn will help create our lox tox life.

Life is a never-ending learning journey and as simple as it seems, we just don’t know what we don’t know. But as we educate ourselves, look around, think about our choices, make better decisions and we share with others what we have learned, we GROW.

I am on a GROWING journey and I’m pleased you’re here with me.

If I can help you in ANY way or you have something you’d like me to look into for you, please contact me.

Love n stuff,

Asti Mary xx

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