5 Ways To Keep Your Sphynx Cat Clean

If you’re owned by a sphynx cat you’ll know that they can be grubby little gremlins and seem to pick up dirt and grime wherever they go! What’s more, they are a very high maintenance breed and they’re a heck of a lot more work than a furry kitty.

Thankfully, there are a few simple tips and tricks to keeping your little buddy clean and ย looking dapper.


You’re going to want to do a load of washing for your Sphynx baby every week. I find that if I wash Dudley’s (pictured) bed, blankets and clothes each week he doesn’t get anywhere near as oily. Changing their clothes regularly is also a must and can stretch out the time between baths significantly.

Wait… did you say bath??!


For all those who laugh, have you ever tried to bathe a cat?! Keep your essential oil first aid kit handy and watch out for those claws!

If you’ve never experienced the joy of sharing your life with a Sphynx, you might think this is crazy but bathing your hairless kitty is something you will need to do on the regular. It might take them some time to get used to it, so take it slow and speakly kindly when you do.

UBER IMPORTANT: Be sure not to over bathe your little friend! If you do, their bodies will then start to over produce oils and you’ll end up with an excessively oily feline on your hands who will need to be bathed weekly just to keep them from sticking to the walls. I tend to stick to once a month and use the tips below in between bath time to stretch it out.


Baby wipes are a sphynx parent’s best friend! Okay, okay, it’s really gross but sometimes our little sphynx buddies don’t subscribe to the most sophisticated of hygiene practices. Their idea of a clean bum and our idea of it are sometimes worlds apart! Baby wipes are great for bums, the outer ears and cleaning in between the webbing of their little feet and under those toenails that seem to collect ALL the crud.

If I could pick one cleaning product to take to a desert island with #dudleythesphynx I would hands down take baby wipes. I even find myself cleaning the house with them. I seriously can’t live without them!


Sphynx are notorious for gunky ears due to their hairlessness and not having anything to protect the ear from dirt entering. For this reason, I love cotton tips for cleaning just inside the ear canal. I wrap a baby wipe over them and gently wipe around the inside of the ear. I never go any further down than I can see because you don’t want to do any damage to kitties eardrum.

If you haven’t tried this before you might think it’s going to be hard to hold your cat still but Master Dudley luuurves having his ears cleaned this way and actually leans into it.

Some Vet’s sell different cleaning agents that you swish around in the ears. I have tried them and they do work but Dudley HATED having it done and always flicked his ears around for ages afterwards. It also smelled quite gross (like a chemical smell) so I wasn’t a fan either. I personally would leave these unless you or your Vet believe that they have a problem with too much gunk.


This is the Mac Daddy of grease and grime remover for your Sphynx and you will never look back after experiencing just what this amazing creation can do!

Not only is coconut oil seriously good for nourishing the skin, it’s antimicrobial, antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal… Seriously, it’s the bomb diggity.

Coconut oil will effortlessly loosen almost any stain your fur-less friend can pick up along their travels. Just rub a little into the grubby area and then wipe off with soft, warm, damp cloth and a little kitten/baby shampoo then…

Viola! SUPER clean kitty!

Let me know in the comments what tips and tricks you’ve got for keeping your little munchkin clean ๐Ÿ™‚

Love n stuff,

Asti Mary xx

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