Happy new year!

Wishing all of you beautiful people a very happy new year!

I am lucky enough to have just come back from the beach at beautiful Harrington in NSW where I witnessed one of the most stunning firework displays I’ve ever seen, while in the arms of my lover. I am feeling truly blessed and my wish is that 2017 is absolutely fantastic for all of you.

Speaking of wishes however, I’ve been scrolling my Facebook newsfeed over the past 24 and I’ve noticed so many people wishing good riddance to 2016 and sharing all of the terrible things that happened to them over the previous 12 months. I’ve also noticed that it is the same people who last year spoke of the terrible year they’d had. 
Another thing I’ve noticed is that the people who spoke of the positive things that occurred during the year (despite some shitty things happening) seem to have a good year every year and their lives continually improve.

Some people think those who have a positive outlook on everything are living with their heads in the sand. But even if there’s only the tiniest of truths in the saying “thoughts become things”, I want to make sure that I have positive, happy thoughts. I want to speak positive, happy words and attract a positive, happy life.

My positivity extends to my Facebook statuses too. If you ever see or read something negative on my Facebook wall, I would expect you to comment and put me straight. Negativity is NOT a vibe I want to put out to the Universe. I only want to put out positivity, creativity and good vibes so that I can attract a fabulous life filled with fabulous people. 

So for this gorgeous new year, please speak of the good you gained from 2016 even if it was just what you learned from your experiences. Throw out to the Universe only what you want for 2017 and get to work on creating the best life you can IMAGINE. 

Not even 5% of the total awesomeness of the fireworks was captured in this photo.

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