Today I made Kefir… Well, I think I did.

So today I made Kefir. Well… I threw it together a couple of days ago but today it actually looks like Kefir.

In reality, I’m not really sure what Kefir is supposed to look like but I have a jug of what looks like curdled milk on my counter top and I’m calling it Kefir.

I’ve heard that it’s full of good bacteria that is wonderful for your tummy and being a sufferer of digestion issues I wanted to give it a try as a form of Probiotic. But now that I’ve made this Kefir, I’m not really sure what to do with it. I don’t drink milk in my coffee and hardly use milk in cooking at all so I’m finding it difficult to come up with ways to get this stuff in my stomch short of just drinking it – It doesn’t smell very appealing…..

Have you ever made Kefir before? How do you normally use it? I would love some hints and tips so please share your thoughts below.


A x

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