And you call yourself a blogger…

I’ve often wondered what prerequisites there are for calling yourself a “blogger”.

 Is there a specific number of posts you need to make first? Is there a defined length of time before you can claim the grand title?

In my mind, typically when I hear people say they are a blogger I assume they have been blogging consistently over a period of time. I’m not sure what my brain thinks are reasonable bounds of that time, whether it be 2 days, 2 weeks or 2 decades. I’m also not really sure that any of it matters.

Some people say, if you have a blog then you’re a blogger, it’s just that simple. I am of the thinking that you should probably have written at least one blog post on that blog before you update your business cards.

Others have said, “in order to call yourself a blogger you must have blogged for a substantial length of time (year or more) and be well known within the blogging community”. That’s a pretty hefty order considering you need people to know you’re a blogger if you want them to read your blog because people do actually need to read your blog for you to become known in the blogosphere.

So I recently updated my bio on some of my social media profiles to ‘aspiring blogger’. I feel this is enough to tell people that I have a blog and I blog on that blog but am not quite ‘bloggerish’ enough to be called a blogger.

So perhaps we need a new set of titles for bloggers? Because even myself as an ‘aspiring blogger’, I consider myself a blogger nonetheless. I might be a shitty one but I’m stepping up and claiming that I’m a blogger of sorts.

Perhaps those who have been blogging for some time and are respected as such within their community could be called a ‘professional blogger’ or a ‘senior blogger’.

Or….. Maybe we don’t need any more definition at all and maybe we should just let people call themselves whatever they like. After all, it doesn’t really matter what anybody else thinks of you does it?

I think I’ll re-update my bios to say I’m “bloggerish”. It has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?

What are your thoughts? Do you call yourself a blogger? When did you decide you were a blogger? I’m curious to know.

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