One happy day on repeat equals a happy life.

My last 2 posts were a bit dark and ranty and I’m feeling the need to talk about something happy. A long time ago, when I used to think of “happy”, it was a thing or a place I was looking for. Like it was a magical, mythical creature that would suddenly appear and all of a sudden I would feel it. Or it was a fabulous destination that I was going to arrive at with a red carpet rolled out and flashing lights.

It’s only been in the last year that I’ve come to learn that that’s BULLSHIT. There is no magic red carpet with champagne on arrival. The paparazzi aren’t going to greet you and the sun isn’t going to shine out of a giant asshole creating that sun-kissed ‘happy’ glow you’ve always dreamed of.

Where the fuck did this idea come from in the first place??

On the 31st of December 2013 (I know because I wrote it down), my Marmie gifted me a beautiful “Gratitude Journal”. It was made by the creators of “The Secret” and if you haven’t seen, heard or read “The Secret”, I recommend you get cracking – Your life WILL change. So I have had this journal for almost 3 years now and up until this year it only had about 3 pages with writing on them – I was quite clearly an ungrateful little shit. It’s only really been the last 2 months that I’ve rediscovered my “Gratitude Journal” and made a conscious effort to write in it regularly.

Asti Mary Gratitude Journal
A snippet from my gratitude journal.

But before I started writing gratitude though, I tried something new… I started feeling gratitude.

It sounds so cliche but every morning when I wake up I consciously think of at least 3 things that I’m grateful for. At first it was so crap, I felt like I was just TRYING to find things to be “happy” about but then after a while (probably 6 weeks in my case) of doing this EVERY . SINGLE . DAY (yes, you do have to do it every single day) something changed, I actually started to wake up smiling in the morning and actually FEELING grateful for all of the amazing things in my life instead of just THINKING grateful thoughts and hoping for the best.

This has created a massive shift in my daily thinking. It sets myself up for a positive day and sends me on my way to having happy, positive conversations with those around me. I then feed off that positivity to create more positive thoughts and it creates this magical cycle within my day instead of my old boring, unhappy, self-pity party that I had created.

Don’t get me wrong here folks, I still fuck it up (regularly) but I’m learning and growing on a daily basis and I recognise this within myself. I move forward each day,  and little by little I’m putting more pieces of the happiness puzzle together. Sometimes I throw a tantrum and the pieces end up on the floor, but the next day I pick them up and dust them off knowing that I get another chance to improve myself. Some days are easier than others but you MUST set yourself up for success!

If you want to change your life, change your day and change your thoughts – Change the way you set yourself up for the day ahead. Wake up 10 minutes earlier and even if you don’t get out of bed, just lay there awake and think of all the beauty you have in your life, how much of an amazing person you are, the things you’re contributing to the world and find that thing to smile about. You’ll be amazed at the subtle “happiness” you’ll find hiding hiding away between the layers of gratitude and the difference this will make to your day.

If you can find happiness in your day and then repeat this again tomorrow and the next day, all of a sudden you have yourself a happy life.

Love and happiness x



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